Synthetic car wax - long lasting paint protection


If you want a better paint protection, in the longer term, with an application as fast as liquid wax, try best wax for black cars . It has a liquid consistency and its application is less exaggerated than professional waxing. It can be applied manually using a polish sponge or a polishing machine.

The main task of a car is to protect the paint, as long as possible, against environmental factors. K2 Quantum protection wax , for example, offers protection for up to half a year. Bearing in mind that on average, washing a car is done every two weeks, this wax resists and provides protection for about twenty washing machines. Of course, in every car wash, wax retains the hydrophobic effect, rejecting water and dirt.


Wax is applied to the surface with a sponge. But only after you have cleaned, degreased and dried the surface in advance. Only in this way will you get maximum results from the protection point that wax offers.

The application of lotion in the form of lotions can also be done mechanically using a grinding machine at the lowest speed, ie 600-800 rpm.

And one more thing to keep in mind! Any kind of car wax requires time to gain adhesion to the surface of the paint. Only that can provide protection. Therefore, we do not recommend going to the car wash on the same day you applied the wax.

Solid carnauba wax - shine and spectacular protection

I said earlier that the liquid wax provides strong luster and synthetic wax provides lasting protection.

A combination of these two products and their properties is solid carnauba wax. We propose K2 Ultra Wax .

Carnauba wax is hard to find in nature, being a derivative derived from palm leaves. The raw product, after proper machining, can be applied with plenty of ease on the machine. Following application, this solid wax forms a durable, durable coating over time. It also offers remarkable surface shine.

To get maximum effect in terms of both protection and gloss time, solid carnauba wax is the best option for you.

Carnauba wax intensifies the color of the paint, while offering a very hydrophobic effect, so visits to the laundry will be rarer. It is true that its application requires a little more work and time, but the effect obtained is worth it.

Prior to application, do not forget to prepare the surface. This process involves removing traces of old wax from the paint, cleaning and degreasing of the surface and drying completely.